Looking for quality heating fuel at a great price in Baltimore, Annapolis, or Westminster? You just found it!

We get our top-grade heating oil from the same terminals as the high-priced fuel companies — we just don’t pad the price like they do!

Our heating fuel meets or exceeds all government specifications and is tested and certified for quality.

Depend on Alliance Fuel for both your residential home and commercial business heating needs. And here’s good news: Alliance Fuel now offers automatic delivery service so you’ll never run out of fuel! *

Off-road Diesel Fuel

Alliance Fuel provides off-road diesel fuel at very competitive prices.

Diesel is efficient. It provides 18%–30% more energy per gallon than gasoline. Plus, diesel offers a greater power density than other fuels, packing more power per volume.

Diesel is hard-working. Because diesel engines can perform such demanding work, diesel powers more than two-thirds of all farm equipment in the U.S. America’s construction industry also depends on diesel’s power for demanding tasks like lifting steel beams, digging foundations and trenches, drilling wells, paving roads and moving soil safely and efficiently.

Diesel is safe. Since diesel is less flammable than gasoline and other alternatives, it is a safe fuel choice.

Give us a call to discuss your diesel fuel needs or to schedule a delivery.

Heating & Air Conditioning Sales

Contact us via phone at (877) 698-3600 or email at, and we will put you in touch with one of our preferred vendors!

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